Admission process at Blooming Blossoms must be fair, disciplined and should be strictly followed by the Staff, Principal and the Management. Admission process is designed to encourage admitting the best and the brightest children with good family education background. Every child should be carefully picked and be worked on with a goal to deliver the smartest and brightest.

First and foremost, every parent should be given a detailed tour of Blooming Blossoms Facility. School Tour checklist document should be strictly followed while giving a school tour. Each and every facility should be physically shown while giving the tour. It is Principal’s duty to give this tour and only exception to this would be if the Principal is on leave or is busy with some important matter. Parents should return wanting to put their children in Blooming Blossoms.

After parents are fully satisfied with the facilities at Blooming Blossoms and want to put their child/children at Blooming Blossoms, the staff and the management, with no exceptions, should strictly follow following procedure:

Step 1: Determination of Child’s Education Level & Child’s Skills Assessment

Child should be interviewed to determine their knowledge and skill level. This would be a 30-minute interview designed to access the knowledge, education, and smartness of the child.
After the child is accessed, parents should be notified about the class/grade Blooming Blossoms could take their child, purely on the basis of the test. Age or any other considerations must be totally ignored while considering the class level of the student.

Step 2: Registration Paperwork

Parents are expected to complete the paperwork, which include the registration form and Parent’s questionnaire form. Each form should be double checked to make sure that the parent properly fills in all fields. Acceptance of these documents by Blooming Blossoms does not guarantee admission to the school, and signify just the intent of admission by the parents. Admission decision will be taken based on the child’s knowledge, smartness level, parent’s background and other factors, and Blooming Blossoms’ management can reject child’s admission due to any reason whatsoever.

Step 3: Parent’s Interview

Parent’s interview is the most important step of the admission process at Blooming Blossoms. Both parents (only exception is when the child only has one parent due to demise of the other one), should be interviewed for at least 30 minutes, using Parent’s Interview Form. Interview should be strictly conducted on the basis of Parent’s Interview Form, which has all the guidelines for the entire interview process.

Step 4: Selection of the Child

Principal and management will select the prospective children on the basis of initial skills assessment of the child done in step 1, Parent’s questionnaire form submitted by the parent in step 2 and Parents’ interview done in Step 3. Selected children’s parents are notified through phone & email, with a maximum responding time of 2 weeks. If the parents do not respond within 2 weeks, management will consider the parents uninterested and select other child on this seat.

Step 5: Interview Feedback to Parents

Parents should be given feedback about the child’s & Parents’ assessment starting with positive points. Once all the positive points are discussed, then all the areas of concerns should be discussed with the parents. All concerns should be clearly mentioned and explained. And at the conclusion of the interview, verbal commitment should be received from both the parents about what they should be doing to improve on the concerns.

Step 6: Acceptance of Registration Fees & Parent’s Contract

As a final step, parents should submit the registration fees and sign the contract form to secure their ward’s seat in the Blooming Blossoms. Welcome kit should be given to the parents at this point of time, mentioning various important points that parents should be aware of from now onwards.

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